A Student's Perspective on Israel

A friend who works for the Jerusalem Post has alerted me to the first in a new series of articles: perspectives on Israel from college students studying near Jerusalem.  You can read the first one about a visit to the Old City of Jerusalem here

The students writing in this series are studying at the Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) of The Master’s College.  The school is located in the Judean hills west of Jerusalem, and students come from the United States to study biblical geography, archaeology, history, Hebrew, and more.  The semester-long program is very popular among students, and, in my opinion, is one of the best things a college student can do, anywhere, ever.  I’m not unbiased; I taught at the school for many years until my present study leave. 


3 thoughts on “A Student's Perspective on Israel

  1. >"The reason the man might have been waiting by the pool is the possibility of the existence of a temple to Asclepius, the Greek god of healing"

    OK, you need to have a talk with this boy, because I think the consensus is that that the Asclepius temple didn't exist until Hadrian built it 100 years later.

    Even if there were some pools outside the wall Romans used, why would Jesus go there or a Jew hang out there?

  2. Al – you don’t have to be a teacher too long to realize that you don’t want to be graded by your students’ notes. In the rush of a first-time visit to the Old City, it’s easy to make mistakes.

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