The Jesus Tomb Unmasked

I have received early word that Expedition Bible has just released The Jesus Tomb Unmasked.  As you might expect from the title, this film reveals many of the falsehoodsunmasked and distortions that were part of the recent sensational “discovery” of the burial place of Jesus, his wife, and his child in Talpiot, south of ancient Jerusalem.

The DVD can be purchased from Amazon for $7 (free shipping) and/or watched for free online.  You can also view a trailer.  The movie features some great footage and interviews with a number of knowledgeable scholars in Jerusalem, including Shimon Gibson, Stephen Pfann, and others.  This movie deserves a much wider circulation than the $3 million production that this one refutes.


4 thoughts on “The Jesus Tomb Unmasked

  1. This documentary has the merity to show some manipulations of the “Jesus Tomb”, but his constant insistence to deny everything is quite suspicious and not serious. It´s something that I can name as an non-scientific ultra-skepticism.

    The apologetic proposal of the documentary´s project site corroborates to this conclusion. They don´t care about the real truth of the facts and the research at all.

    It´s a pity.

  2. The “Expedition Bible” links to the Mormon church and has other “interesting” DVD’s for offer. Just sign up for the Expedition Bible email and you’ll see. FYI.

  3. Your right Todd, they do preach the true Christian faith. I just received the DVD and its well worth watching – and supporting.

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