What is your favorite view in the Middle East?  I have a number of places that I aspire to be on the rare day when the air is crystal clear.  Perhaps my top three viewpoints in Israel are Nebi Samwil, Mount Carmel, and Arbel.  On the other side of the Jordan River, Mount Nebo ranks first. 

Unfortunately, I have never been there on a really clear day.

The photo below was taken in the 1930s, when factories and automobiles were less troublesome to photographers.  The view is from Mount Nebo, and you can see beyond the northern end of the Dead Sea to the Judean wilderness and even Jerusalem.

Dead Sea and Judean wilderness, view from Mt Nebo, mat03779
View from Mount Nebo with Dead Sea

I’m linking this photo to the highest resolution available (5200 x 3700 pixels), which will make it a slow download, but those of you with interest will be able to pick out a lot of detail.

For comparison, the photo below was taken from Mount Nebo on a more typical day.

Mt Nebo view to Dead Sea, tb031801859

The top photo is taken from the Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan volume of The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection (Library of Congress, LC-matpc-03779).  The bottom photo is rotten and will never appear in one of my photo collections.