Weekend Roundup

Glo is reviewed in Newsweek.  I’d like to say more about this Bible software some time.  In some ways, it’s better than being on-site.

David Padfield has reviewed unfavorably the BAS Photo Archives Complete Set.

Arutz-7 Radio has posted a couple of interviews (mp3) this week that may be of interest to readers here.  The first half of part one is an interview with Bernie and Fran Alpert, founders of Archaeological Seminars, which for decades has run the “dig for a day” program.  They say that one million people have come through their programs, the main one of which is digging for a few hours in Hellenistic caves at Bet Guvrin.

Part two is a 50-minute interview with Eilat Mazar concerning her initial interest in archaeology, some of her previous excavations, and now her work in the City of David.  She gives some reasons for why she believes the large stone structure must date to the time of David.  I found myself nodding off in the middle, but it was worthwhile to listen to the end. 

The real Snake Path is not at Masada, but in San Diego.


One thought on “Weekend Roundup

  1. I would agree with the reviewer of the BAS photos that the Ancient Inscriptions CD has a higher quality.

    Accordance has "Biblical World in Pictures" from BAR.
    I believe that the folks at OakTree Software had to do a LOT of work with Photoshop to make them usable. But there are photos available from BAS that one cannot find elsewhere.

    Having purchased Todd's excellent collection, I would concur with the reviewer's assessment.

    If time would ever permit it, I would love to see Todd's collection available as an Accordance module! (I don't know if BibleWorks, Logos, etc. are interested or not.)


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