Weekend Roundup

Hundreds of Crusader-era marble pieces were discovered in Acco recently.  You can read the press release, the JPost report or the Arutz-7 account, story here, or download high-res photos here.

The house in Luxor of Howard Carter, the man who discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen, has been opened as a museum.

The NY Times has an interesting and humorous article on Raphael Golb, arrested for impersonation and identity theft in an attempt to stem the tide that rejected his father’s conclusions about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Golb is delighted that the articles he wrote under the name of “Charles Gadda” have been read by so many.  I wonder how happy he is that so many are reading about his desperate attempts to stay out of jail.

BibleWorks has a sale for new customers now, offering $30 off the purchase of BibleWorks 8 and one module.  For more, see here.

Logos Bible Software released a major new version this week.  So far, everything I’ve heard is
positive.  I don’t use anything with an “i” in it, but if I did, I’d be real happy about the ability to have my entire library on my phone at no extra cost.


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