Weekend Roundup

Last week I noted an article on the Nahal Yehudiyeh.  The author, Shmuel Browns, has a website with an expanded version of the article, plus many other interesting articles and beautiful photos.  I particularly like his shot of the Dead Sea sinkholes.

A team of archaeologists has created an online map of Israeli excavations in the West Bank.  The project won an award last week from ASOR.  You can search sites by period, type, or keyword.

Greece is planning to restore the theater of Dionysius at the foot of the acropolis.  This theater was first built in the late 6th century BC.

Google is planning to make a virtual copy of the collections of the National Museum of Iraq, to be online early next year.  This is good news, since the three official “re-openings” never included entrance to the public and only 8 of the 26 galleries have been restored.

The most famous place in Israel for hummus is Abu Ghosh.  Now the owner of the Abu Ghosh
Restaurant is planning to break the record by making a four-ton vat.  Come hungry.

HT: Explorator

Athens theater of Dionysus, tb031806337

Theater of Dionysius, Athens

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