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Reconstruction of the Hurva Synagogue is nearly complete and the dedication ceremony is scheduled for next week.  Arutz-7 reports on the final stages of the work.  Their story includes a 5-minute video tour of the synagogue and an interview with a construction company spokeswoman. 

The restoration and construction of the Hurva Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem nears completion, with the dedication of the synagogue scheduled for next Monday, March 15. The Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter has completed one of the artistic aspects of the project – restoration of the synagogue’s wall paintings. Arutz Sheva TV brings you in to the synagogue for a first visit to the restored Hurva.
A significant difficulty in the preservation and internal renewal of the Hurva Synagogue, which had been the center of life in ancient Jerusalem until Arabs destroyed it in 1948, was dealing with the many alterations that took place over the years the synagogue stood. The Holy Ark curtains, wall paintings, lamps, pulpits and other parts of the synagogue had all undergone various changes. leaving the restorers with the need to decide on which period of time the restoration should be based.
Restoration of the wall paintings entailed conducting a search for the names of the artisans who had decorated the synagogue in each period of time separately, an in-depth analysis of the painting methods and technologies of every period, examination of historical photographs in order to compare colors between black and white photos and those in color, analysis of the paintings’ compositions and thorough comparison between the periods, and analysis of issues regarding wall paintings in synagogues in general and in the Hurva in particular.
The Hurva Synagogue will be dedicated on the eve of Rosh Chodesh (first day of the Hebrew month) Nissan, 5770 (the day construction of the Biblical Tabernacle was completed), in the presence of ministers, Members of Knesset, rabbis and other dignitaries.
The synagogue will host regular prayer services, visitors and tours. During the opening week, the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter will conduct free tours during the day and will show a sound and light presentation during evening hours.

Hurvah synagogue at sunrise, tb010210522  After more than four years, the crane over the Hurva Synagogue was removed this week.

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6 thoughts on “Hurva Synagogue Video Tour

  1. To be precise, the Synagogue was destroyed by the Jordanian Army during their siege of the Old City. It was one of a number of Synagogues that were blown up, while the Jews in the city were forced to leave. The quoted story says Hurva was destroyed by "the Arabs" which is somewhat misleading since the Arab residents had nothing to do with the act. btw, blogger Ben Atlas has curated a terrific collection of images from Life Magazine of the Old City siege here: http://benatlas.com/2009/07/life-in-israel-in-1948-part-1/

  2. Sir..I am happy to find my way here..been dreaming of visiting the Biblical relics…just wanna know how safe Israel now for tourists….

  3. Eric,

    Like any place, it depends where you go. Israel proper is very safe, in some ways safer than large American or European cities. People feel very comfortable going for walks late in the evening. There's much less street crime than other places. That said, I don't spend much time in east Jerusalem, or in Arab towns in Israel or the territories. As a Jew, I don't feel very welcome there. But non-Jews regularly visit Arab Christian places like Bethlehem and have no problems. Really, the Arabs are very hospitable and friendly; politics often get in the way, and terrorism is always a possibility anywhere, but it's been very quiet lately. You're welcome to contact me for more information: moreyaltman at gmail dot com

  4. It's pretty obvious that Hurva won't be there fo ever, Muslims are coming back in 20 years and we'll recapture all our sacred occupied territories, you'll never have Jerusalem for ever till there is one Muslim on Earth. Evil ZIONISTS your Hurva will go to rack and ruin again.

  5. Joayria,
    That's what your grandfather told my grandfather.
    That's what your father told my father.
    That's what your children will tell my children.
    That's what your grandchildren will tell my grandchildren.
    And we'll still live in palaces, and you'll still live in dumps.

  6. Funny stuff, Joayria. The Old City was captured by the Jordanian Army, trained and armed by the British, while local Arabs hid in their homes. Who is going to fight the next battle for you and your friends for these lands you claim are so sacred? Blah, blah, blah.

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