What tourist destinations inside Israel are the most popular for Israelis?  Dun and Bradstreet published the top spots for this year.  From Ynet News:

1. Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem

2. Ramat Gan Safari

3. Masada

4. Caesarea

5. Hamat Gader hot springs

6. Ein Gedi

7. Yamit 2000 Water Park

8. Underwater Observatory in Eilat

9. Banias Archaeological Site

10. Tel Aviv Luna Amusement Park

I haven’t been to numbers 7 or 10, but the others are all terrific places to visit with your family.  I would guess that the beaches around the Sea of Galilee are excluded from consideration, because they would certainly rank high on the list.  I’m surprised about Banias; I’d expect more people to prefer to picnic at Tel Dan.  That reminds me: what McDonalds in Israel has the best scenery?  I’d vote for the one next to the Senir stream (the headwaters of the Jordan River, just west of Tel Dan). 

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a photograph.  I do have one of dinner time at the zoo.

HT: Paleojudaica

Hippopotamuses eating, tb082505678

Hippopotamuses at Biblical Zoo of Jerusalem

UPDATE (4/10): Randy Burk has sent a photo of the view from the McDonalds outdoor eating area. 


Nahal Senir, view from McDonalds, Randy Burk, IMG_2975 Nahal Senir, headwaters of the Jordan River