Haaretz reports on the excavation of a prehistoric site in Jerusalem’s Germany Colony.

The aqueduct bridge in the Hinnom Valley is reported in a press release by the Israel Antiquities Authority and includes several high-resolution photos (direct link).

A team has discovered thirteen Middle Bronze and five Roman period cemeteries in southern Syria this year.

The Hong Kong team has responded to Randall Price’s dismissal of their claim to have discovered Noah’s Ark.  Meanwhile Randall Price has issued several clarifications about his previous response, motivated in part by his desire to continue searching for the ark this summer.

A massive piece of the rock on the edge of Machtesh Ramon was in danger of falling on the road
below, so Israeli experts blew it up.

ICEJ News is reporting on the level of the Sea of Galilee:

Israel’s Water Authority said Monday that the level of the Sea of Galilee is currently stabilized at only 13.39 inches above the lowest “red line,” defined as a point where serious damage can occur to the vital and historic freshwater lake. At 697.7 feet below sea level, Lake Kinneret is in danger of plunging very close to the “black line” – drawn at the point at which irreparable damage begins to occur at a rapid pace during the hot and dry summer months. The Water Authority warned that vigilance and conservation are extremely important to prevent the water level from dropping further than the 16 meters it has declined since 2004.

A gray whale has been sighted off the coast of Herzliya, Israel.

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