If you have visited the Pool of Siloam since it was first discovered in the summer of 2004, you may have noticed some strange holes in otherwise beautiful paving stones running along the pool’s edge.

Pool of Siloam carved holes in pavement, tb082305587

Pool of Siloam pavement with mysterious holes

Sometimes holes were made in pavement for door sockets, but that hardly seems likely here given their placement.  In theaters, holes which held poles for the fabric roof are sometimes found in the seating area.  Given the suggestion that the Pool of Siloam served as a ritual bath (miqveh) in the 1st century, one could conceive of a need for curtains for protecting privacy.  But this doesn’t seem to fit the configuration of the holes at the site.

Over on his blog, Tom Powers has advanced a new idea.  I think it’s the best suggestion I’ve heard so far, but I’m not sure that I’m convinced yet.  If you have any ideas or have heard other suggestions, chime in on the comments there.