Monday Roundup

Following up from the recent CT article on the Jesus Trail, you might enjoy Vialogue’s review of the trail options, including his three reasons why he recommends doing the hike.  His first point: “There are, simply put, some lessons in life you can only learn through experiencing—through walking them.”

Seventh-graders all over Israel are writing a copy of the Hebrew Bible today. 

Arutz-7 has a story on the Jordan River drying up.  “There are areas of the Biblical river are already so narrow that one can simply walk across. ‘It’s [only] ankle deep,’ warned Gidon Bromberg.”

Excavations at Ashkelon start up for the summer next week and you can keep up with their progress on their blog.  Attention this summer will be given to the Roman odeon and associated buildings (previously identified as a basilica).


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