Northern Hinnom Valley Excavations

Tom Powers has written and posted photos on a new excavation in the Hinnom Valley, just north of “Artists’ Lane.”  The salvage dig is being carried out in advance of the construction of a park to honor former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek.  The hole is deep and there appears to be a lot of architecture, but the workers were less than happy to be the subject of the paparazzi and quickly chased Tom away. 

It’ll be interesting to learn what they find.  Historically this area has always been outside the walls of Jerusalem.  Somewhere in the Hinnom Valley lies ancient Topheth, where the kings of Judah made sacrifices to foreign gods (2 Kgs 23:10; Isa 30:33; Jer 7:31-32; Jer 19:6-14).  I’ve always pictured that being further to the south.  When more becomes available, I’ll note it here.


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