The Ashkelon Excavations Blog has had a number of posts on the practicalities of archaeology as they gear up for the start of their season next week.  If you’ve thought of joining any archaeological team, you’ll get a better sense for what it’s like from “A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist.”

By 5:10 we are at the Pottery Compound where we one and all race to grab our tools. We do this by the light of the florescent moon which pierces the still dark morning. Honestly, it is still dark! Then, tools in hand we strike off in the direction we believe will lead us to our designated excavation areas. (We haven’t lost anyone yet and, fingers crossed, we won’t this year.)
By 5:30 we are usually hard at work even though we can’t really see anything. We work using a range of tools from dental picks and tiny paint brushes on up to full size pick axes and shovels (although they have a more fancy name). We dump all the dirt we dig up into buckets called gufas and then haul it away.

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If you’re interested in more of the logistics, the Gath team has also made available the excellent packet of materials that they provide to volunteers. 

City of David excavation with danger of slippery sign, tb112503932

Excavation in City of David, Jerusalem