Weekend Roundup

Yesterday was the first day of excavation in the history of Tell Burna (Bornat).  They have already uncovered fortifications.  Maybe one of these days someone will go back to Azekah.  There must be treasures untold there.

Last week’s LandMinds show was entitled “Mystery: Who Built Ramat Rahel?

The Wall Street Journal runs a brief article on the display on James Henry Breasted at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Hershel Shanks has written an autobiography, but it is entitled Freeing the Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Adventures of an Archaeology Outsider.  My bet is that it’s an interesting read.  Whatever you think of his ideas and approach, Shanks has had a significant impact on biblical archaeology.  The NYT has a brief article in connection to the book’s release.

Logos Bible Software has a prepublication special entitled “Travels through Bible Lands Collection” (now $130).  The description claims that “these fifteen volumes embody some of the best travel writing of the nineteenth century.”  That could be, though I’ve never heard of the majority of the authors or titles. 

Perhaps you didn’t know that you could subscribe to the BiblePlaces Blog on the Kindle.  This blog is reviewed in that context at the Kindle Blog Report.

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