Limited Offer: 2011 Calendar

Over the last decade, BiblePlaces has contributed photos to many calendars, but we think that the 2011 “Lands of the Bible” calendar is our favorite one yet.  Orange Circle Studio is a leading calendar publisher and they chose some of our favorite pictures to brighten our days through the next year.  Every month has two photographs for these scenic sites:image

  • Capernaum
  • Garden Tomb
  • Michmash
  • Nile River
  • Beth Shean
  • En Gedi
  • Jordan River
  • Dead Sea
  • Dome of the Rock
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Herodium

I have made special arrangements to purchase a limited number at an excellent price.  A large 12” by 12” wall calendar is not inexpensive to ship, but shipping charges are already included in these prices:

  • 1 calendar: $12 (retail $14)
  • 2 calendars: $21 (retail $28)
  • 3 calendars: $29 (retail $42)
  • 4 calendars: $37 (retail $56)
  • 5 calendars: $45 (retail $70)

We could have raised the prices and threw in a 20% off coupon, but we didn’t.  These are absolutely rock-bottom prices.  We have less than 150 left and when they are gone, they are gone.

You can see more about the calendar (with sample images) here, but the discount prices listed above are available only at BiblePlaces.com.


7 thoughts on “Limited Offer: 2011 Calendar

  1. Is this offer only open to the US and Canada, as per the address drop-down? The checkout won't complete unless you have chosen one of those countries and whilst I know the UK and US have a special relationship, I didn't know it was that close! Owen

  2. Owen – the offer is open to all, though non-US addresses must pay for shipping.

    I am not able to replicate your problem. I know that sometimes there is an issue if you're located in one country (the server knows based on your computer's ip address) and are trying to bill/ship to a different country.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for assistance.

  3. Anonymous,

    Exodus 14:21 says “Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land.”

    I recommend James K. Hoffmeier, Ancient Israel in Sinai (Oxford University Press, 2005) for evidence and location of the exodus. The Associates for Biblical Research also have some helpful articles on these topics http://www.biblearchaeology.org/category/Exodus-Conquest.aspx

  4. Anonymous – I would echo A.D.'s recommendations and add a couple of comments. First, though the specifics may have changed, the idea behind this is very old. Men have long tried to explain how this event could have happened apart from God. Second, a singular problem with this explanation is that the location does not fit the biblical text. They did not go by the way of the Philistines (the northern route), but headed more southeast, probably crossing in the vicinity of the Bitter Lakes.

    A good commentary on Exodus is that by Douglas Stuart (New American Commentary). He makes this comment (p. 342):

    "It is to be expected that some skeptics have argued that the mention of the east wind is the only fully historical element here—a wind that temporarily dried up some sort of small, normally marshy, and/or muddy area so that the Israelites could walk on it relatively easily and feel that if any Egyptians were to follow them (something that did not actually occur in the skeptical reconstruction) they would be harder to catch. The text, however, says that the wind actually pushed one part of the sea away from the other part (“drove the sea back … the waters were divided,” v. 21) and created a “wall of water on their right and on their left.” The term used for “wall” here, homah, connotes a very large wall—not a small stone wall or retaining wall but always a massively large (usually a city) wall, towering above the Israelites, who marched on dry land with walls of water on either side of them."

  5. My copy arrived safe/sound today & it's really an excellent production! Thanks, Todd!!! That was very nice of you! I hope the new Bolen arrives safe/sound next week too!

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