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One of my favorite book catalogues to browse is that published each year by Carta.  As the premiere publishing company devoted to the historical study of the land of Israel, Carta can quickly fill up my wishlist.  Among Carta’s best known publications is The Sacred Bridge, by Anson F. Rainey and R. Steven Notley.

If you live in the States (or anywhere outside of Israel), accessing Carta’s products is not easy.  They have apparently chosen not to work through the regular publishing channels in the US, thus making it difficult to order their works through bookstores or AmazonEisenbrauns has served as their exclusive US outlet for some years, carrying a certain portion of Carta’s publications.

Carta is now going directly to the public through the creation of their own website and webstore

Now all of their materials are available for easy purchase, though since the company is based in Jerusalem, shipping costs and time reflect international travel.  Yet if you plan ahead, order several items at once, and don’t need to return anything, you can now purchase what before required a trip to the bookstores of Israel. 

Here are some books and other publications that I would recommend from various categories:

Some of these may be available through Amazon-type stores, and even more may be purchased from Eisenbrauns.  For the full catalogue, the place to go is http://www.bible-books-maps.com/.

I haven’t even made it to what I expected to be the main point of this post, but given limitations of time (mine and yours), I’ll save that for another day.


3 thoughts on “New Store for Bible Geography Publications

  1. I see that The Sacred Bridge is $100 bucks on that site. My wife bought me a copy for my birthday this summer. Excellent volume. She got it at Eisenbrauns for $90 and didn't have to pay shipping from Jerusalem.

  2. Todd,

    Eisenbrauns sells to bookstores all the time. We also have kept Carta titles listed on Amazon for several years now.

    And, if you are in the US and order $99.00 or more, we offer free freight.


  3. In addition to the books you mention, Paul Wright's Greatness, Grace &
    Glory is also available from Carta (I don't think it is available [yet] in
    the USA). It is a great presentation of biblical and extra biblical figures
    from a geographical, cultural, and historical perspective. IMHO those
    interested in geography will enjoy this book.

    Carl R.

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