New Book: Biblical Turkey

The premiere scholar on biblical sites in Turkey is Mark Wilson, and his long-awaited book has just been published.  Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor is a 400-page work that includes “all the references to cities, regions, provinces, and natural features in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Biblical_TurkeyApocrypha/Deuterocanonicals, New Testament, and Apostolic Fathers.”  Though I haven’t seen the book, I have no doubts that this is the best book on the subject and an essential reference work.

The book is published in Turkey which makes purchasing a little more work.  One option is to purchase from the Turkish website for a cost of 30 euros (about $42) including delivery.  A second option is to take advantage of an introductory discount (20 euros/$28) available by sending in an order form by fax or email (details below).  A third option for those going to Atlanta later this month is to purchase it at the David Brown Books table at the SBL/ASOR conference (but I’d recommend you get one on the first day before they sell out their stock).

Option two details:

After preparing the list of the book you wish to order (Biblical Turkey in this case), click on “By Fax Order Form”. There you can write your credit card details, take a print out and send it as fax to us.  Our Fax Number: 90 212 244 32 09.”

You can also download the form, fill it out, scan it, and send it to [email protected] for processing. For any further questions about an order, please email that same address.


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  1. Jim Lancaster: Where in Turkey did you buy this book? I plan to travel to some Biblical sites in June.

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