Top Stories of 2010

2010 will be history in a matter of hours and I thought it might be interesting to recall the highlights of the past year.  National Geographic has offered their top 10 discoveries within the broader world of archaeology, and The Book and the Spade has a radio broadcast with their favorites.

I make no pretense that the lists below are in any way objective.  They have not been evaluated by a committee or voted on by the populace.  Nor do they necessarily reflect the most popular stories of the year.  The primary criteria was that the story was posted on this blog and then it caught my eye when I re-read the year’s stories. 

Top Discoveries of 2010:

Cuneiform Tablet Found in Jerusalem (and here)

Temple Discovered in Ataroth, Jordan – see also Ataroth in the Bible and this follow-up post.

Assyrian Vassal Treaty Found at Tell Tayinat

Decumanus Discovered in Jerusalem

Cuneiform Tablet Fragments Found at Hazor

Philistine Temple Identified at Gath

Herod’s Theater Box Discovered at Herodium

Samaritan Synagogue Discovered near Beth Shean

High Level Aqueduct Discovered in Jerusalem

Late Bronze Cultic Items Found Near Jokneam

Chariot Linchpin from Sisera’s Hometown

Synagogue Discovered at Horvat Kur

Top Technology-Related Stories of 2010:

Radar Imaging Reveals Hyksos Capital

Radiocarbon Study and Egyptian Chronology


Hanan Eshel, 1958-2010

Ehud Netzer, 1934-2010

Tomorrow I’ll finish this list with more significant stories, noteworthy posts, and favorite resources
from 2010.


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