In April an organization based in Hong Kong called a major press conference in which they announced that they had found Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey.  The announcement featured photos and videos showing well-preserved wooden beams that they claimed were from an ancient boat.

Everything about the announcement had a commercial feel and the sense I got was that they were looking to make a lot of money off of gullible believers.  A leader of the organization explained in one interview that a previous discovery of the Ark gave him faith and that didn’t change even when the find was revealed to be bogus.

As soon as the claim was made, many observed inconsistencies and problems in the report, some of which were described here and here.  Yesterday Randall Price posted a letter he received from two men who state that they were involved in constructing a movie set at the location of the discovery.  Only later did they find out that the film would be used as documentation of Noah’s Ark.

You can read the letter and its translation here.

HT: Daniel Wright

UPDATE: See follow-up post: Noah’s Ark Confession Repudiated.