The American Colony Collection, recently released as a module for Accordance Bible Software, is the subject of a video that highlights some of the value of the photographs and compares them with the PhotoGuide 3 collection.  You can watch the video below or access the podcast here.  (Those reading this in an email or feedreader may need to click through.)

David Padfield (website) has found the collection to be valuable in both formats:

I’ve used the photographs from the American Colony Collection since you first made them available. While I have over 30,000 photographs of the Bible lands that I have shot over the years, the congregation where I preach enjoy those old photographs every bit as much as the modern ones — there is something about the “feel” and “character” of the old photos that is lacking in modern photos.
I just purchased the American Colony Module from Accordance and all I can say is WOW. The module makes the photos so much more useful than they were before. I used to spend a lot of time looking for a photo, but the search capabilities of Accordance make it a snap. You have done an amazing job with these photos and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.


From the Jerusalem Post:

Police officers stumbled on a large stash of jugs and coins dating back from the Second Temple era in the Galilee village of Mazara on Thursday, during an arms raid. The archeological finds were kept in a yard belonging to family suspected by police of keeping arms. "We’re looking to see how it got to this yard," a Galilee police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. After finding the artifacts, a representative of the Israel Antiquities Authority was called out to the scene, and he dated the findings to the Second Temple period, the spokesman added.

Mazara (Mazra’a) is an Israeli Arab village located near the coast, midway between Acco and Nahariya.  The Jerusalem Post has five photographs of the loot.