Graffiti at Western Wall Plaza

This may be a first.  From Ynetnews:

A man chanted anti-Israel slogans upon arriving at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday and spray-painted a pro-Palestinian writing on a nearby wall. The man, in his 30s, was immediately seized by ushers stationed in the area and was later detained for questioning by the police. "A guy of Russian descent, a Hebrew speaker, arrived and began shouting, ‘End the occupation’ and ‘Fascists’," Yigal Levy, the Western Wall Heritage Fund’s operations manager told Ynet. "He pulled out a green spray can and wrote the word ‘Palestine’ in huge letters on the northern wall just next to the Western Wall." Levy added that the man, who committed the act under pouring rain, appeared to be mentally ill.

The full story is here.  Arutz-7 reports on it here.


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