Free Digital Maps for New Moody Atlas of the Bible

>>I wrote the following some months ago for the BiblePlaces Newsletter.  In preparing for a new issue of the e-newsletter, I re-read it and thought it worth posting for blog readers who do not subscribe to the free newsletter.

I got the scoop for this story from the trash can.  Some of you will be impressed by the serious commitment that I and my sources have for bringing you news that even the famous tabloids have not yet learned about.  The scoop is this: all purchasers of the New Moody Atlas of the Bible can get the maps and photos in electronic format, for free.  This tip right here is worth the cost of your subscription to this fine newsletter!

When I heard about this, just a few days ago, from my trash-snooping friend, I immediately ordered the book.  I have wanted it ever since it came out, but knowing that I could get all of the maps and photos in digital format put me over the edge and I couldn’t spend my $31.49 fast enough.

Of course, Barry Beitzel is one of the finest historical geographers of the biblical world.  This is not an atlas written by a one-time visitor to the Holy Land (yes, those exist, and no, I’m not going to name them).  Beitzel wrote the first edition of this atlas 25 years ago.  The new edition has the benefit of all of his continued years in the classroom and extensive travels in the Middle East.  And it won the ECPA 2010 Christian Book Award, Medallion of Excellence, in the Bible Study and Reference category.

As for the digital maps and photos, there are a few things that may be worth knowing.  First, the files are available to both past and current purchasers.  If you already bought the atlas, then you can email [email protected] or call 1-800-678-8812 to get a code to download the files.  If you buy the atlas as I just did, the code is included in the book (at least the copies sitting on the shelves at Amazon; bookstores with a slow turnover may have earlier printings still around). 

Second, the maps are presented in very high resolution.  You will be impressed!  The photos are available in lower resolution.  (But who reading this newsletter needs more photos of the Bible lands anyway, right?)  Third, you access the materials through WORDSearch.  Though the program is free with this code, I would have preferred to have avoided the hassle of installing another program.  If you have a Mac, you’ll have to run WORDSearch through WINE or a Windows environment.  From this point, you can save the images in png or pdf format.  (Or you can do as I did and just poke around in your Program Files or Program Data folder to find all of the images and copy them to a more convenient location if you do not plan to access them via WORDSearch.)

I commented on the blog a few months ago that I really appreciated the publisher’s wisdom in making the ESV Bible Atlas maps available to its users and I noted my hope that others would get on board. 

I’m delighted to see another publisher following suit.

You can search the internet for information about this, but I don’t think you’ll find anything.  If you’re thinking this is all too good to be true, I’ve uploaded the official document giving the details.  Of course, I cut off the part encrusted with noodles first.

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3 thoughts on “Free Digital Maps for New Moody Atlas of the Bible

  1. This sounds great and not to expensive for the poor in money. Is there a sample? Just to see what "very high resolution" means.
    Sincerely, A.

  2. A.,

    I am not aware of an online sample posted by the publisher and I do not have permission to share these copyrighted images. But an average file size of a single-page map is 1800×1200 pixels. At 300 dpi, that will print at 6 by 4 inches. It's more than sufficient for on-screen viewing. Some of the two-page maps are 3000×2000 pixels.

  3. As always Todd's instructions were accurate, clear, easy to follow. These are great images and maps. I plan to use them in lectures. Thanks for the heads up Todd. Great work. I got my copy from Amazon.

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