Urban Legends of Bible Teachers

Trevin Wax provides a list of “Urban Legends” that many preachers and Bible teachers are guilty of disseminating.  His list includes and explains these:

  • The “eye of the needle” is a city gate.
  • The high priest had a rope tied around his ankle. (See also my post here.)
  • Scribes washed before and after writing the name of God.
  • Gehenna was a perpetually burning trash dump.  (See also my post here.)
  • NASA scientists have discovered a “missing day.”

The comments to the post include many more.  The age of the internet makes it much easier to spread myths, but it also makes it easier to stop them.

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3 thoughts on “Urban Legends of Bible Teachers

  1. It's great when these myths are exposed. It should encourage others to a more deeper study of the book they claim they leads their life but unfortunately they seem to want others to do it for them and then they end up believing these myths and lies. It's always a great joy when I see someone's eyes light up when they finally see the truth of a Scripture.

  2. How about the hoax that Sun-day has replaced the Sabbath/7th Day?
    Or what about the "Good Friday" and
    Sun-day morning resurrection hoax theorized by those who can't count to 3!?!

  3. When I was in Israel, our tour guide had a Master’s degree in Israli History and Geography. He took us to the city gate called. “The Eye of the Needle.”

    It was not as tall as the other gates

    What are your credentials, please?

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