Video Lecture: Revealing Dead Sea Scrolls to the World

The Great Courses is offering a free lecture (until April 5) entitled “Revealing the Dead Sea Scrolls to the World.”  The 30-minute lecture is given by Gary A. Rendsburg and is one of 24 lectures in the Dead Sea Scrolls course.  The lecture is described as follows:

To follow the story of how the Dead Sea Scrolls were first translated and interpreted is to witness the great lengths to which scholars will go to learn new insights into the mysteries of the past. It’s a tale filled with controversial publications, scrolls squirreled away in shoeboxes, a revealing New Yorker essay, and a six-day-long war between Israel and its Arab neighbors. More important, it’s a tale whose conclusion revolutionized our understanding of ancient Jewish history. In Revealing the Dead Sea Scrolls to the World, you learn

  • how some of the original documents first came into the hands of scholars;
  • how the first series of scrolls were transcribed and translated; and
  • a few of the many insights learned from work done on the important Temple Scroll.

The lecture may be viewed here.


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