Western Wall Clean-Up

If you don’t check your mail for a while, at some point the mailbox will begin to overflow.  The problem is increasing at the Western Wall with more and more visitors placing notes in the cracks between the stones.  Authorities are now considering adding a third annual clean-up.  From the Jerusalem Post:

Armed with wooden poles, Western Wall employees on Wednesday removed millions of handwritten notes, faxes and email printouts from between the ancient stones. The Western Wall Heritage Foundation, which gives the Kotel such a face-lift twice a year – before the upcoming Passover and ahead of the Jewish New Year – are considering a third annual clean-up, due to the growing influx of requests and notes.
The notes will be placed in a repository in accordance with Jewish law, with the laborers – working under the supervision of Western Wall and Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz – taking care to not read their content.

The full story is here.

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Removing prayer notes from the Western Wall

2 thoughts on “Western Wall Clean-Up

  1. Todd, if I could travel to Israel I'd place this note in the wall!
    You honored our God in the answers you gave to our questions in your two-hour oral exam. This, along with your six (five-hour) written exams, have demonstrated your excellent knowledge of His Word. Congratulations!
    Now on to your dissertation which I assume will not be brief enough to fit into even the largest crack in the wall!

  2. Dr. Bramer – thank you for the encouragement (and all of the teaching)! I have benefited immeasurably from the classes and program. As for the dissertation, I know you prefer those to be as long as possible, for your reading enjoyment!

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