Wednesday Roundup

SourceFlix has a new five-minute video entitled “The Crags of the Wild Goats.”  The footage of the ibex in the mountains above En Gedi is much more than what the average visitor ever sees.

J.P. van de Giessen has begun a new group on Biblical Flora that you may want to join.

Rachel Hallote makes a case against the repatriation of archaeological artifacts in the current issue of BAR magazine.

Leen Ritmeyer has a brief review of Ronny Reich’s Excavating the City of David: Where Jerusalem’s History Began (previously mentioned here).

Robert Cargill provides more evidence that Simcha Jacobovici’s latest documentary on the crucifixion nails is “perhaps the weakest argument he has ever made—a dubious achievement” indeed.

In the end, Simcha Jacobovici’s claim that he has discovered the nails used in Jesus’ crucifixion is a figment of his vivid imagination, lacking any evidence or basis in reality whatsoever. So, in an attempt to salvage his unsustainable theory, Simcha reaches for the age-old weapon used by all pseudo-scientists: the claim of conspiracy.


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