Eilat Mazar Interviewed about Temple Mount

From WorldNetDaily:

One of the most prominent Israeli archaeologists declared today that remains from the First and Second Jewish Temple period – including the Second Temple itself – lie underneath the Temple Mount surface, just waiting to be excavated. Dr. Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University accused the site’s Islamic custodians of destroying Jewish artifacts while attempting to turn the Temple Mount into a "giant mosque." "I think we will find all the remains starting from the First Temple period and remains of the Temple itself," said Mazar, a third-generation archeologist. "I mean, no one took it out, it’s there." Mazar said she is "absolutely sure" remains from the First and Second Temple periods, including "the Second Temple itself," as well as later remains from the Byzentine [sic] and early Islamic periods, are just under the surface of the Temple Mount. Continued Mazar: "I am absolutely sure, in light of my very rich experience excavating Jerusalem for 30 years now, all these remains are waiting to be revealed. And if it can’t be done nowadays because of all kinds of sensitivities, at least we should take care that it won’t be ruined for future excavations when time comes." Mazar was speaking in an interview with "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on New York’s WABC Radio.

The continuation of the story and the audio of the 14-minute interview with Mazar can be found here.


6 thoughts on “Eilat Mazar Interviewed about Temple Mount

  1. How truly outrageous. No responsible person would make such potentially inflammatory statements — implying that Israel will someday sieze control of the Haram al-Sharif compound — in view of Jerusalem's always-simmering status quo. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes people crazy in the charged atmosphere of this sometimes not-so-delicately shared city. By the way, the Muslims are not "attempting to turn the Temple Mount into a 'giant mosque'" — It IS a giant mosque, and it has been (except for the brief 88-year intermission of Crusader control)for the past 1300-plus years. It has an outdoor mikhrab (prayer niche) in its south wall, and it's a mosque, all 27 football fields of it! Some people should just get used to the idea.

    TOM POWERS / Jerusalem

  2. Tom,

    Do you think there are remains under the Temple Mount of the first and second Temple?

  3. The Waqf, that is in control of the Temple Mount, has been completely irresponsible towards the ancient relics under it's control. They have thrown much of it out in large trash heaps, which have been recovered only because Israeli archaeologists have taken an interest in the Waqf's trash.
    This ancient site belongs to Israel, as well.

  4. Why is it not inflammatory that the Waqf has allowed or pushed towards destroying any evidence of the Jewish presence on the Mount? Why have the Muslims decided to make a campaign, against their own previous tracts, that Jews NEVER had a presence in the Temple Mount area?

    Why must THAT be tolerated?

    Tom, you want the area to remain a mosque, fine, but do YOU think it correct that there are no remains anywhere, no Jewish presence there? Is there any reason Jews shouldn't be inflamed over the wholesale destruction of the Temple Mount underneath those 27 football fields?

    I'm a Jew, and I'm extremely agitated by it. Ah, but Mazar is the bad guy here, not the lying Waqf (or the Israeli authorities that don't give a damn either. In truth, the problem was that the agnostic Moshe Dayan made the mistake of acceding power to the Waqf in '67, and it was a huge mistake).

    I'm tired of worrying about the Muslims and THEIR anger. What about OURS? I'm NOT advocating tearing down the mosque, but there is no reason the Waqf had to handle the construction by the deliberate and underhanded methods they have used to try to hide the Jewish presence on the Mount.

    As I stated, until a short while ago, Muslims freely admitted of the Jewish presence on the Mount, but it was Arafat and his cronies who started up the Big Lie. In fact, in the Koran itself, it is admitted that the Jewish Temples were on the Temple Mount.

    So, Tom, I'm going to be the aggrieved party here, I'm thoroughly disgusted that no one seems to give a damn that the Muslims are destroying evidence of OUR Temples.

  5. Mo is too nice. I advocate tearing down all the mosques on the Temple Mount, & dumping the debris in the Kidron Valley. Maybe several decades after the Sifting Project is done with the piles already created by Muslims, they can sort through the new ones to see if there's any evidence of the mosques. Then we can resume our civil discussion about how to manage the Temple Mount without offending anyone, & live happily ever after.

  6. I think what everyone need to remember is that Jerusalem is a city with a long and diverse history – Canaanite, Jewish, Roman, Christian, Byzantine, Moslem, Turkish – even British. I appreciate the fact that Mazer mentions that, at least in passing.

    What seems particularly egregious is the way Moslems maintain that the Temple Mount is not a part of this history and that non-Moslems have no rights there. It is equally egregious when Jews make the same claim for other parts of Jerusalem. I wonder what history was lost when Jews leveled the Mughrabi Quarter.

    I have little hope for any sane and balanced solution that would admit that all of the Old City and its environs are some of the richest and most important historical real estate on the face of the earth and that any building or changes must be sensitive even to those cultures and ages that have no living presence. Both Moslems and Jews (and some Christians who fight over their small pieces) need a broader prespective.

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