The Nails: Jacobovici Responds

Simcha Jacobovici responds to his critics in this pdf file posted at James Tabor’s blog. That a moviemaker who makes millions would respond to bloggers with a 46-page document indicates just how much his reputation has been damaged by the criticism.

Expect Cargill and Zias to respond passionately.

HT: BibleInterp.com


One thought on “The Nails: Jacobovici Responds

  1. I don't think Zias and Cargill will respond. What's there to say? He won all his points. If Simcha doesn't respond, you guys say he has nothing to say. If he tears everybody apart and shows that he knows his stuff better than anybody, you guys say his reputation has been hurt. All you talk about is how much money he's making. Why's it your business? And since when are documentary filmmakers at the top of the Fortune 500? It's amazing that you still quote Zias after Simcha documents how this man personally attacks living and dead scholars. He made a fool of himself in a Jerusalem court room. Get a life.

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