Rare Ibex Scenes Caught on Video

I love BBC’s Planet Earth series, and a clip of the dramatic footage of ibex males fighting is now on Youtube. 

A follow-up BBC series is Life, and to judge from previews, the quality looks as spectacular.  Here is a scene of ibex climbing down the cliffs of En Gedi, with a dramatic chase of a kid by a fox. 

Last month I noted the five-minute video entitled “The Crags of the Wild Goats,” produced by SourceFlix.

UPDATE: Ferrell Jenkins has written about ibex and their significance in Scripture.  As he notes in the comment below, there was no collusion in our efforts today.


4 thoughts on “Rare Ibex Scenes Caught on Video

  1. That was great! We love PE, but I was always disappointed that they didn't have any footage from Israel. We'll have to check out Life!

  2. Great scenes. We always have to remember that in many place (particularly En-Gedi) we can only see ibex due to their protection. Things don't continue unchanged from ancient times, not even in nature. It requires our conservation efforts for ecosystems to continue, just as many ancient sites require active preservation so that they're not lost.

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