Archaeological Articles on Jerusalem

The Bible and Interpretation has posted a new section that collects articles written in the last several years related to the archaeology of Jerusalem. If you missed any of them, this might be a good chance to catch up.

Jerusalem Syndrome in Archaeology By Yuval Goren

Jerusalem in the 10th / 9th centuries BC By Margreet Steiner

The Final Days of Jesus: What Can Archaeology Tell Us? By Shimon Gibson

Was Jerusalem a Trade Center in the Late Iron Age? By Juan Manuel Tebes

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem During the First Temple Period: An Archaeologist’s View By David Ussishkin

Identifying King David’s Palace: Mazar’s Flawed Reading of the Biblical Text By Todd Bolen

The Persian conquest of Jerusalem (614 CE) – An Archaeological Assessment By Gideon Avni


One thought on “Archaeological Articles on Jerusalem

  1. I am a former archaeologist who worked in Israel with Dr. Netzer for a number of years. I currently pastor in the US and was looking for a photo for a blog I was writing when I came upon your excellent blog. I must say, this is a wonderful resource, great reading and almost makes me desire to get back into archaeology! Thanks for taking the time to do the research. – Frank

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