Recent Excavations at Shechem

From FoxNews.com:

Working on an urban lot that long served residents of Nablus as an unofficial dump for garbage and old car parts, Dutch and Palestinian archaeologists are learning more about the ancient city of Shekhem — and preparing to open the site to the public as an archaeological park next year. The project, carried out under the auspices of the Palestinian Department of Antiquities, also aims to introduce the Palestinians of Nablus, who have been beset for much of the past decade by bloodshed and isolation, to the wealth of antiquities in the middle of their city. "The local population has started very well to understand the value of the site, not only the historical value, but also the value for their own identity," said Gerrit van der Kooij of Leiden University in the Netherlands, who co-directs the dig team. "The local people have to feel responsible for the archaeological heritage in their neighborhood," he said. The digging season wrapped up this week at the site, known locally as Tel Balata.

The full story is here. I’m less optimistic than the archaeologists that the local people will care for the archaeological heritage or take the steps necessary to encourage tourism.


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  1. From Carl Rasmussen:

    This past summer I visited Tell Balata with a group of 45 students. As we were approaching, the archaeologist and PA official photographed our group (for promotional purposes?). We were warmly received! They have upgraded the access road to the site and are planning on putting in a visitors' path with explanatory signs-see the Tell Balata web site below.

    Hopefully, this is an indication of a more peaceful and prosperous future for the area. However the archaeologist "gulped" when I used the name "Shechem" instead of "Tell Balata"-hmm.

    See for now their web site at:


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