If you are around and about Jerusalem and want to be immortalized in Google Street View, you might spend more time walking on the sidewalk in the coming days. From Janglo:

If you spend your days in Jerusalem, you might want to try spending as much of them outdoors as possible. That is, if you want to have a chance at ending up in Google Street View maps of Jerusalem. Google recently received permission to start imaging cities in Israel and including them in the street view maps. This afternoon they are firing their opening shots, having decided to begin their imaging in Jerusalem. They will be holding a ceremony in Jerusalem with Mayor Nir Barkat to kick off the process.. So, if you hang out in the great outdoors of Jerusalem enough in the immediately near future, you might just end up as a pedestrian in Google Street View maps.


The following notice was sent out to the Archeologylist at Southern University.

The exciting new archaeology series “Astonishing Discoveries” with Dr. Michael G. Hasel and Dr. Ron Clouzet will be downlinked live to hundreds of churches across the United States this coming week, September 14-18, at 7:30 p.m. EDT. It can also be seen on Hope Church Channel (http://www.hopetv.org/watch-now/watch-live-online/hope-church-channel/). See the attached schedule for programing. Invite your friends and participate for this major event!

The schedule, available in pdf here, lists the following shows:

Wed., Sept 14, 7:30 pm: Egyptian Wonders That Stunned the World

Thurs., Sept 15, 7:30 pm: Babylon, Sumer, and the Quest for Power

Fri., Sept 16, 7:30 pm: The Greatest Discoveries in the Land of Israel

Sat., Sept 17, 7:30 pm: The Spade and the Historical Jesus

Sun., Sept 18, 7:30 pm: Living Rocks from the Apocalypse