Weekend Roundup, Part One

Last week I lamented that Joe Yudin’s tour of Jerusalem tombs would have benefited from some photos. Shmuel Browns has fulfilled that need with pictures and a map.

In the heart of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, the Ultra-Orthodox have held the first conference on “Torah archaeology.” This is a welcome change for a group known for its vocal, and sometimes violent, opposition to archaeology.

The editors at Bible and Interpretation reflect on how they have scooped Biblical Archaeology Review multiple times this year.

A couple of stories about the 12th Annual City of David Archaeology Conference were widely circulated this week. I held off posting, preferring a story that described what happened rather than predicted what might happen. What “newest research and discoveries” was revealed? Did the conference “overturn popular theories”? So far I have seen no reports.

Seth Rodriquez has written and illustrated a simple way to teach people how to “draw the map” of Israel with its major geographic features.

Illustration from Seth Rodriquez’s “Biblical Geography: Drawing the Map

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