Christmas-Related Posts

Some of our Christmas-related posts from previous years may be of interest to readers who were not with us then or who may enjoy a review.

“No Room in the Inn” – there is no “inn” in the story of Jesus’ birth

The Star of Bethlehem – an attempt to explain why the church ornament has 14 points

Bethlehem Booked for Christmas – last year there was no room in the inn

Top Ten Things To Do in Jerusalem in Winter – you might also consider watching the sun rise over the Mount of Olives from atop the “Tower of David”

Watching Their Flocks by Night – a pastoral scene recalling the angelic announcement

Merry Christmas – a nativity scene from Bethlehem in the early 1900s


3 thoughts on “Christmas-Related Posts

  1. Todd,

    Respectfully, is this a quiz?

    You wrote: "you might also consider watching the sun set over the Mount of Olives from atop the Tower of David."

    Certainly that is not possible. The Mount of Olives is directly east of the Tower of David and thus watching the morning sun RISE is about all you could do. Watching the sun SET would require facing west [the opposite direction] or am I mistaken. Either way, being in Jerusalem in December is alot of fun. Come to think of it, being there ANY TIME is a blessing!

  2. Todd,
    I just reread the post related to the 14-point star and thought of another suggestion: maybe the 14 points are for the 14 disciples/apostles (12 original + Matthias + Paul).

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