More Top Stories of 2011

For the year now concluding, this blog had 366 posts. According to Blogger statistics, our readers come from many countries, the top 5 countries of which are:

#1: United States

#2: United Kingdom

#3: Israel

#4: Canada

#5: Germany

Yesterday we listed the top stories related to discoveries and technology. Today we conclude with three additional categories. Yesterday’s disclaimers apply here as well.

Significant Stories in 2011:

Threats to Cairo Museum (and here)

A Fishless Sea of Galilee?

Germany Agrees to Give Sphinx of Hattusa to Turkey (and here)

Early Christian Lead Books (and here)

Zahi Hawass Resigned, Returned, Was Sentenced to Jail and Was Fired

Seven Years of Drought in Israel (and here)

The Latest Scam: Nails from Jesus’ Cross (and here and here)

Turkey Cancels Excavations of Foreign Countries (and here)

Mughrabi Bridge Ordered Closed

Eilat Mazar Denied Opportunity To Finish Palace of David Dig

Gospel Trail Inaugurated in Galilee and Jesus Trail vs. Gospel Trail

Noteworthy Posts:

Ancient Slinging Techniques, by Seth Rodriquez

Titus Tobler – A Neglected Pioneer, by Chris McKinny

Beth Haccherem – A Site Identification: Primer, by Chris McKinny

Hieroglyphic Luwian and King Taita, by A.D. Riddle

The Myth of the Burning Garbage Dump of Gehenna (and here)

James Ossuary Inscription: Experts Support Authenticity

Maximalists vs. Minimalists: A Good Survey

2011 Excavation Blogs

Gaddafi and the Bible

How To Spell Bible Places

The Identification of Eshtaol: A Brief Case-Study in Recent Research

“Noah’s Ark”: Analysis of C14 Results

New Evidence for Israel in 1400 BC (and here)

Favorite Resources in 2011:

Daughter of Lachish, by Tim Frank

American Colony Photos for Accordance

Chart: The Kingdom(s) of Israel, by Chris McKinny

Excavating the City of David, by Ronny Reich

Seven Churches of Revelation, by Leen Ritmeyer (photo CD)

Maps for the Ancient World

Rose Guide to the Tabernacle

Free: Ashkelon Excavation Reports

Archaeology in the Israel Museum

Ancient Israel: Highlights from the Collections of the Oriental Institute University of Chicago, by
Gabriel Novacek

Unearthing Jerusalem, edited by Katharina Galor and Gideon Avni

As 2012 begins, we wish our readers all the best in the coming year.

Sunrise over the Dead Sea

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