Three Articles at The Bible and Interpretation

Excavations at Kh. el-Maqatir 1995–2000, 2009–2011: A Border Fortress in the Highlands of Canaan and a Proposed New Location for the Ai of Joshua 7–8. In this 11-page report, Bryant G. Wood surveys the major results of his excavations from the Late Bronze, Iron I, Late Hellenistic/Early Roman, and Byzantine periods. The well-illustrated article provides diagrams of the Late Bronze I fortress (Ai?) and the Byzantine monastery.

The Ossuary of James the Brother of Jesus: From Trial to Truth? Paul V. M. Flesher argues that “the trial produced no truth,” wonders whether Yuval Goren has changed his mind about the inscription’s authenticity, and concludes that unprovenienced objects must be ignored lest they distort the historical record.

Archaeology in Israel Update–February/March 2012. Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg reports on some recent stories.

  • Cultivation of ancient citrons (etrogim) at Ramat Rahel, Jerusalem
  • Restoration of historic sites, the Montefiore Windmill in Jerusalem
  • Another controversial find by Simcha Jacobovici
  • Sale of ancient shekel in New York auction
  • Forgery trial verdict announced

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