ASOR: Free Journals for April

There seems to be a new push by the folks at ASOR to get more attention. In addition to the more active blog, they have designated themes for appointed guest editors for the month, and now they are offering free access to the last four years of ASOR journals via JStor.

I have no inside information on what goes on over there, but my thoughts often go back to the survey in about 1997 when they asked readers of Biblical Archaeologist if they should change the name of the magazine. A resounding majority (85%?) said no, but the administration told the readers to shove it and changed the name anyway to Near Eastern Archaeology. I suspect that subscriptions have been declining ever since. At one point they had about 3,000 subscribers compared to some 200,000 for Biblical Archaeology Review.

In any case, their publications have always been essential resources for the field and this is a great opportunity to get more acquainted with them if you are not.

The American Schools of Oriental Research is excited to announce free access to the current content of all three of our publications during the month of April. You are now able to access all content published in Near Eastern Archaeology, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research and the Journal of Cuneiform Studies over the last four years! Simply follow the instructions outlined below. If you decide to take advantage of this promotion we ask that you like us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/ASOR.org

All the details are at the ASOR Blog.


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