Books from Eretz Magazine

If I subscribed to magazines without regard for the cost, Eretz would be high on my list. At $89 a year (six issues), I will be content to read it in the library when time permits, but I was pleased recently to see several affordable books that collect many articles published over the years.

Pilgrims Companion: Galilee (170 pages; $14.50)

ERETZ the Book: A Selection of Articles 1985-2005 (336 pages; $32.00)image

ERETZ Guide and Handbook to Israel (400 pages; $49.90)

ERETZ Guide and Handbook to Jerusalem (352 pages; $49.90)

Hiking In Israel: 36 of Israel’s Best Hiking Routes (202 pages; $24.90)

ERETZ Guide to Parks and Sites of Israel (322 pages; $39.90)

Pilgrims’ Companion: The Land of Abraham (64 pages; $3.95)

ERETZ Guide to Museums and Historic Sites in Israel (56 pages; $3.95)

More details about each are given here and here on the magazine’s website.


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