Gundersen Reviews the New Pictorial Library

David Gundersen has posted a review of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands. You can go there for the full review but I want to quote one paragraph:

The images also reflect the eye of an experienced teacher rather than a casual tourist or even a commercial tour guide. I have used plenty of these images in sermons, lectures, and distance education PowerPoints to illumine biblical stories, splash color on scriptural events, orient the audience to geographical dynamics, illustrate concepts and truths, visualize ancient metaphors, and show significant artifacts. Literally, no collection of images comes close in volume, coverage, quality, useability, information, copyright freedom, or customer service. Far from hyperbole, this image library truly is the only one of its kind.

He concludes:

This new and revised Pictorial Library of Bible Lands should be high on the list of resources for the serious or would-be Bible teacher. It would make a very special and practical gift from a college or seminary Bible class to their teacher, from a group of church members to their pastor or pastoral staff, or from a grown family to one of their Bible-hungry parents. Thanks to Professor Todd Bolen for his exhaustive work which is already serving Bible teachers, students, pastors, and church members around the world.

We love to hear how the photos are serving others. Thank you, Gunner.

The full review is here. Details and links to the collection start here. Free photos are here.

Ibex at En Gedi, tb052307902

“The high mountains are for the ibex” (Ps 104:18).

One thought on “Gundersen Reviews the New Pictorial Library

  1. We love to hear how the photos are serving others…..

    Ok, I'll be the first.

    I actually have too many to cite but I will give two examples of Todd's great "Pictorial Library."

    This past week my Bible Study lesson was in I Samuel. I needed pictures of Shiloh and the area thought to be where the Tabernacle rested. I was there in 2008, I perused my pictures and "Oh No! exposure wasn't the best!" On our big screen it was too washed out. And, "I really wish I took more time and waited for some to move out of the frame!"

    But wait! I have Todd's excellent Pictorial Library, let me see what he has… and VOILA! Just what I needed.

    Another from many examples I could share….Not long ago in a message from the Book of Ruth…she being from Moab…. I really wanted some pictures of the country where she was from…I've never been to Jordan so once again I go to the "Pictorial Library" and select the ones I need.

    I've done a lot of photography and know how expensive good photographs can be. You need skill, time, the right equipment, and the proper conditions for great photographs. These are a bargain and I use them often.


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