Ferrell Jenkins on the New Pictorial Library

Ferrell Jenkins has warm words for the new edition of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands, suggesting that “every church should have a set of this material for the teachers to use in their teaching.” He knows from his own experience what is involved in creating a collection such as this:

Would you prefer to make your own photos? Try buying a good digital SLR camera starting at about $1500, flying to Israel (not to mention Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, the Greek Islands, Italy, et al.), renting a car for a few weeks, buying the gas. Oh, and don’t forget to hire a private plane for a few hours so you can get some good aerial photos. That might cost at least $389. SmileAnd what if the lighting conditions were not right for a good photos the day you were at a site? What if you don’t have time to get your photos organized and write a description of each one? Need I go on to make a point? Did I mention that living and teaching in Israel for a decade helps?
Every church should have a set of this material for the teachers to use in their teaching. Over the years I have found that some short-sighted groups (churches) will not make such an expenditure. The other choice is to buy the set for yourself.
I hear several lessons a week, and every one of them could be improved by the use of photos from this wonderful collection.

Thank you, Ferrell! And we thank all the others who have written us privately to express their appreciation. You can read the rest of Ferrell’s review here.

Airplane, tb031900801
One of the first planes we hired for aerial photos of Jerusalem.

2 thoughts on “Ferrell Jenkins on the New Pictorial Library

  1. Even on sale, the complete set is nearly £300 with shipping. That's a lot for an individual, and even for some churches.

    Also, there are hundreds of photos in each set – way more than most people would ever need or use.

    Don't they do a 'Best of' set that's more affordable?

  2. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for the comment. I would recommend you check out the individual volumes which sell for $25-40. That is affordable for most people. If you like it, you can expand with other volumes as interest and finances allow. Our goal has been to create an extensive library of photographs; other resources exist which give you a little bit of everything and we have not tried to duplicate those.

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