Lecture Series at Southwestern Seminary

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary opens an exhibit next month entitled “Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible.” In addition to the display of 16 fragments, the Fort Worth school is also hosting a weekly lecture series on Tuesday evenings. Tickets for the lectures are $20 and details are available at the exhibition website.

July 10: Shalom Paul, “The Ever-Alive Dead Sea Scrolls and their Significance for the Understanding of the Bible, Early Judaism and the Birth of Christianity

July 17: Steven Ortiz, “The Search for Solomon: Recent Excavations at Tel Gezer

July 24: Matthias Henze, “A Dead Sea Scroll on Stone? The Gabriel Revelation and its Significance?

July 31: Randall Price, “Evangelicals and the Dead Sea Scrolls

August 7: Peter Flint, “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible: Ancient Texts and New Readings

August 14: Lawrence H. Schiffman, “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the History of Judaism

August 21: Ryan Stokes, “Satan in the Dead Sea Scrolls

August 28: Steven Collins, “Sodom: Discovery of a Lost City

September 4: Ziad Al-Saad, “The Lost Archaeological Treasures of Jordan

September 11: Emmanuel Tov, “The Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls

September 18: Jim Hoffmeier, “Where is Mt. Sinai and Why It Does Not Matter

September 25: Bruce Zuckerman, “New Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls

October 2: Yosef Garfinkel, “Khirbet Qeiyafa Excavations: New Light on King David

October 9: Kenneth Mathews, “The Living Among the Dead: The Dead Sea Scrolls

October 23: Martin Abegg, “The Influence of the Modern New International Version of the Bible on the Ancient Jewish Scribes

October 30: Tom Davis, “Archaeology, Cyprus and the Apostle Paul: New Evidence on the Transformation of Christianity

November 27: Amnon Ben-Tor, “Archaeology (Hazor)-Bible-Politics—the Unholy Trinity

December 4: Weston Fields, “100 New Dead Sea Scroll fragments from Qumran Cave 4: How Did It Happen?


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  1. Mike – I haven't heard. I know they make available lectures from other series, so perhaps they will for this also. If I hear anything, I'll pass it on.

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