ARTIFAX Magazine

ARTIFAX Magazine is a little-known secret of biblical archaeology. If you are a member of the Near Eastern Archaeology Society (NEAS), you receive the quarterly magazine as part of your membership. If you do not, it’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of this magazine even though it’s now in its 27th year of publication. In every issue, ARTIFAX provides updates from the world of biblical archaeology, often excerpting articles from the local press of Israel, Jordan, Greece, and other countries. ARTIFAX also features original articles by various scholars, some you’re probably familiar with, and others you may not know. I’ve written several articles for the magazine over the years, and I always find it an interesting read. I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a subscription simply because there’s never been an easy way to subscribe. A new website changes that, and you can now subscribe with a few clicks of the mouse. I encourage you to check it out. Artifax, Spring 2012


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