Lectures on the Exodus and Settlement

The Fall 2012 Lecture Series of the California Museum of Ancient Art (Beverly Hills) is entitled

“The ‘Exodus’ and Settlement of the Land of Israel: Examining the Literary and Archaeological Evidence.” Four Monday evening lectures are scheduled:

Oct 15, 2012: “The Exodus from Egypt in Biblical Literature and Tradition” by Dr. P. Kyle
McCarter, Jr., Johns Hopkins University

Oct 22, 2012: “The Exodus Narrative — Did it Really Happen? An Egyptologist’s Perspective” by Dr. Donald Redford, Pennsylvania State University

Oct 29, 2012: “The Israel Stela of Pharaoh Merenptah: Earliest Extra-Biblical Reference to Israel” by Dr. Peter Brand, University of Memphis

Nov 5, 2012: “The Settlement of the Hill Country of Canaan around 1200 BCE” by Dr. Robert Mullins, Azusa Pacific University

I do wish they had asked someone to present the biblical view. Whether or not it’s “extremist,” it is at least as defensible as any other view. (If you attend, I’d appreciate knowing if anyone acknowledges the problem of Merneptah Stela.)

Lectures are $22, or $76 for the whole series, payable with a mail-in form and a check. More details about each lecture is available at the website. The recordings will be available on CD and DVD.

HT: G. M. Grena

Wadi Shagg and Jebel Catherine from northwest, tb062005823
The mountains of Sinai (photo source)

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