14th Annual Batchelder Conference for Biblical Archaeology

The schedule of the 14th Annual Batchelder Conference for Biblical Archaeology has been announced. More than a dozen lectures will be given at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on

November 8, 9, and 10. Entrance is only $10. Lectures include:

Avraham Faust, Israel’s Ethnogenesis: How Israel Became a Nation

Harry Jol, Nazareth, Israel: What is Ground Penetrating Radar
Seeing at Mary’s Well?

Nick Jaeger, Digital Literacy in Biblical Archaeology

Jerome Hall, Jesus, Josephus, and the Migdal Mosaic: Rethinking the First Century Kinneret Boat

David Ussishkin, Jerusalem at the Times of Solomon, Hezekiah and Nehemiah: An Archaeologist’s View

Leonard Greenspoon, What the Bible Translator Has Learned – and Failed to Learn from the Biblical Archaeologist

Kris Udd, Has Radiocarbon Artificially Raised Dates for the Early Bronze Age?

Barney Trams, The Iron Age II Storehouse at Bethsaida

The website links to a promotional flyer and the full lecture schedule.


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