Renovations Planned for Jordan River Baptismal Site

From the Caspari Center Media Review:

The Yardenit Baptism Site, situated on the Jordan River, is to undergo extensive development in the coming year. In order to improve the site, a fourth baptism station will be opened up, and “10 new ceramic wall hangings with the text from the Book of Mark 1:9-11, which speaks of John baptizing Jesus, [will be] added to the 70 plaques” that constitute the “Wall of New Life.” A representative from the site says that “the guiding principle underlining Yardenit … is the fact that it is totally non-denominational, and pilgrims are welcome to perform their baptism rituals in accordance with their particular beliefs and traditions.”

This must mean that business is good. In the meantime, it may be more difficult to get photos of the river without bulldozers and rebar.

The above article is not yet online. Copyright of the article remains with the Caspari Center.

Jordan River baptism at Yardenit baptismal site, tb011406482

Jordan River baptismal site at Yardenit
Photo from Galilee and the North

One thought on “Renovations Planned for Jordan River Baptismal Site

  1. Whenever I've visited Yardenit, there are always flocks of ducks around, flying overhead and swimming on the river. This always makes me chuckle irreverently and imagine the Holy Spirit descending as a duck at Jesus' baptism. 🙂

    It was nice to see you at ETS, by the way.

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