Looking back over the year is a profitable exercise for me personally because I forget so much and so quickly. Perhaps it is the volume of information coming from all corners of the globe that trains the mind to retain very little. A review of the posts here over the past year reminds us of recent history but it also allows us to judge what was more important and what was less.

I have compiled several lists of “top stories.” Today we will review major discoveries, top technology-related stories, and losses. Tomorrow we will survey significant stories, noteworthy posts, and favorite resources of the year.

These lists are subjective, and since they are based on what the authors of this blog decided to post (and not to ignore), they are doubly subjective. The primary criteria for inclusion here was that the story was posted on this blog and then it caught my eye when I reviewed the year’s stories. The lists follow a roughly chronological order.

Top 10 Discoveries of 2012:
Vessel of Jewelry Discovered at Megiddo (with update)

Egyptian Scarab Discovered in City of David

Cultic Objects Discovered at Khirbet Qeiyafa (and more)

New Gezer Boundary Inscription (and another re-discovered)

Seal Impression from Bethlehem Discovered in Jerusalem

New Sculpture from Tell Tayinat (and the treaty tablet) (and update)

Samson Mosaic Discovered in Galilee Synagogue

Massive Reservoir Discovered near Temple Mount

Desecrated Temple Discovered at Beth Shemesh

Judean Temple Discovered Near Jerusalem

More Discoveries of 2012:
Iron Age Fortress Excavated in Ashdod

Cave for Demeter Worship Identified in Judean Hills

Seal of Mattaniah Discovered in Jerusalem

Cave Discovered in Gezer Water System

Gold and Silver Treasure Hoard Discovered from Bar Kochba Revolt

Alleged Samson Seal Discovered at Beth Shemesh

Gold Coin Cache Discovered in Apollonia

Neolithic Jewelry Discovered near Sepphoris

Hasmonean Village Found in Jerusalem Neighborhood

Top Technology-Related Stories of 2012:
Microarchaeology in Gath Excavations

Egyptian Pyramids Discovered with Google Earth

Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online

Wikipedia wins: Photography is now allowed in the archaeology wing of the Israel Museum

Manfred Goerg

Itamar Singer

James Mellaart

Itzhak Beit-Arieh

Frank Moore Cross

Gus W. Van Beek

Jean Perrot

Tomorrow I will share my choices for most significant stories, noteworthy posts, and favorite

Sunset over Jerusalem, tb123109454

Sunset over Jerusalem, December 31, 2009
Source: Pictorial Library of Bible Lands