Recent Excavations in Israel

Tel Kison (Tell Keisan): Two excavation areas revealed remains from the Chalcolithic, Iron I-II, and Persian-Hellenistic periods, including a rich repertoire from the Persian era. The site may be identified with biblical Achshaph and may have been one of the cities of Cabul given by Solomon to Hiram.

Dabburiya: A survey of the area revealed 11 ancient sites including caves, industrial installations, and a quarry. The site preserves the name Deborah and is located on the western side of Mount Tabor.

Ramla: Excavations southeast of the city uncovered 11 strata, the most important dating from the Early Islamic period. An impressive Roman pottery kiln was also discovered.

Regevim, West: Located near remains of a Roman road connecting Caesarea and Megiddo, this site was the location of 6 limestone quarries and 6 tombs, one of which had a rolling stone in situ. The quarries may have served for construction of the Roman road.

Shihin: James Strange directed a survey of the area northwest of Sepphoris which identified 111 ancient features and indicated the site’s prominence in the Early Roman period.

Tell Jatt: Excavations on this tell 6 miles (10 km) northwest of Karmiel exposed three strata from the Middle Bronze IIA and Iron I-IIA.

Megiddo: An excavation north of Kibbutz Megiddo identified 22 quarries, 2 tombs, and a road, all probably used primarily by the Sixth Roman Legion stationed here in the 2nd-3rd centuries AD.

Roman burial cave near Megiddo.
Photo by Israel Antiquities Authority.

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