Yosef Garfinkel is interviewed about Khirbet Qeiyafa at The Bible and Interpretation. He explains why he believes that King David “certainly slept there a few nights every year.”

Bryant Wood has a round-up of significant archaeological discoveries made in 2013.

Ferrell Jenkins shares an illustration of bargaining in the Middle Eastern.

Clyde Billington and Gordon Govier discuss the discovery of gold near the Temple Mount on this week’s edition of The Book and the Spade (direct link here).

There’s a new website for the Montfort Castle project.

This video on the Bread Culture of Jordan addresses both ancient and modern aspects of this way of life.

Gordon Franz passes on word that Gabriel Barkay recently presented a paper in Jerusalem suggesting that Absalom’s Pillar in the Kidron Valley belonged to Herod Agrippa (Acts 12:20-23). If I hear
more, I’ll note it in a future blog post.

HT: Jack Sasson, Aren Maeir

Pillar of Absalom with snow, tb022603216
The “Pillar of Absalom” in the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem
Photo from the
Pictorial Library of Bible Lands