Wednesday Roundup

There are many Biblical archaeology programs scheduled for the Washington DC area.

Haaretz provides a review of the significance of Magdala and the recent excavations.

Paleojudaica links to the latest “bad-news articles on the Middle East for the last couple of weeks.”

St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai has closed due to the security situation in Egypt.

Shmuel Browns provides the latest Israel Roundup.

Aren Maeir announces that a new exhibit is opening at Bar-Ilan University entitled “The Rise and Fall of Philistine Gath (Tel Zafit).

Some Palestinians are claiming that the golden treasure recently announced by Eilat Mazar is a fake.

Wayne Stiles provides a very good overview of the Garden of Gethsemane.

St Catherine's Monastery, mat02025

St. Catherine’s Monastery, circa 1915 

One thought on “Wednesday Roundup

  1. In the article you refer to in the Gulfnews website "Some Palestinians" are names, the Al Aqsa Foundation of Waqf and Heritage. The AAFWH claims that the finds reported by archaeologist Eilat Mazar are "fake", that the Israeli government provides support to "fake evidence" and “Many of those who conduct excavations on the boundaries of Al Aqsa Holy Compound have been involved in major operations to fake history". These are pretty strong claims to make without any supporting evidence and in most civil society could be considered libel.

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