The collapse of the great civilizations of the Late Bronze Age was the result of climate change, says a new study published in Tel Aviv. A preliminary list of 2014 excavations in Israel is now available. The Carmel Caves have been named the newest UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem has opened “The Book of Books” exhibition based on the collection of Hobby Lobby owner Steve Green. Archaeologists are mapping the ancient aqueducts of Rome with the help of lasers and robots. A new BAR Archive DVD is available, providing all issues of the magazine from 1975 to 2012. Wayne Stiles is offering both of his excellent books at a great discount. And this weekend will be the last chance to get them autographed. They make a great Christmas gift for you or someone else… The Virtual Bible Project is profiled in the Baptist Press. After many years of slow progress, Dan Warner has now teamed with Logos Bible Software to add to the four reconstructions already completed. J. B. Hennessy died this week. HT: Bill Soper, Jack Sasson, Charles Savelle, Joseph Lauer Mount Carmel cave with prehistoric remains, tb050900101 Caves on Mount Carmel
Photo from Samaria and the Center


From World Bulletin:

What could be the largest discovered inscribed tablet (stele), dating to the reign of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II between 605-562 BC, has been discovered in the Turkish city of Karkamis on the military zone along the Turkey-Syria border. […] Excavations this year also unearthed a cuneiform tablet at the palace of Carchemish king Katuwa dating to 800 BC, as well as over 300 sculptures, a Luwian hieroglyphic inscription and a mosaic.

The rest of the article includes more information on the excavations but unfortunately nothing about the major discovery. For previous posts on the excavations at Carchemish, see here, here, and here.